The Noise

This happened when I was 21. I'm 47 now. I was wondering if you have heard of this type of thing before. I was home after second shift from my job, and I would read the bible till the early morning hours. Reading the bible was new to me and I was getting some help from it. One time a week and a half after I had begun doing this. I had my experience.

I was sitting at my table in the corner of my house reading when I felt sleepy. It was 4:30 am and so I went to go to sleep. I got in bed but I know I never went to sleep, but I suddenly felt wide-awake. Something was telling me to read some more so I got out of bed and started to read.

A few minutes later I heard a noise that got my attention. I couldn't see anything but at first it sounded like a bird or a mouse making a nest inside the wall. Upon further looking at the area I realized the noise was outside my wall but I couldn't see anything. It began to sound like static electricity, or like a telephone line that had fallen and the end was sparking electricity but not real loud but loud enough for it to get my attention.

I stood up and moved closer to the noise to see if I could see it. The Noise moved away from me as I approached it and went down the wall and then in the middle of my living room. I went to the phone to call some one but I kept getting a recording I must be dialing wrong number try again. Didn't work. While I was on the phone trying to call the noise moved back to the wall and into the corner where it first was. I moved towards it again and it started to move away again. So I backed off and it went back again. To make it brief after I was freaking out a bit I experienced a complete peace come over me and tears streamed down my cheeks.

I had goose bumps and my hair was standing up. My thinking felt very clear and sharp and like it was on a high plain of thinking or had the ability to remember very good. It went away and I went to the mirror to see if I was glowing :). but I wasn't and so I got back into bed. After awhile I was getting the creeps so I went across town to tell my parents and my mother who was there didn't believe me.