My Son

This picture was taken on my mobile phone two nights ago. It is my son Darren who died 5 years ago.

On the night before Darren's death he told me something that only he and I knew. I never to this day have told anyone about this private conversation. One day last week my sister Sharon phoned me and said she had been to a medium and she told me what my son and I had talked about, privately! I was so shocked I cried knowing in my heart that Darren was with me.

On my sisters way home to Wales last weekend she told me she went to a petrol station and had just started to put petrol in the car and the pump went funny and she only managed to get 10 worth of gas. My god she thought, I am not going to make the trip home before running out of gas! She was with her son Andy was had plenty of cause to worry with the next petrol station being 35 miles away!! She heard herself praying to God to keep them safe. It was right about then that a light came up from the dash saying "fuel dangerously low". In that very moment she felt hands on the steering wheel and felt warm and calm!!

A few days later while I was in bed talking to Sharon I felt a presence near me so I began clicking away with my mobile phone camera.

I looked and found this picture. It is my son. My sister said he had told her before he died that he wanted to be with me for Christmas more than anything and here he is!