The Bedside

I feel I must tell you about when my grandfather was in his bed in the hospital was dying. I was a very young child and the only way my grandfather could send and reply with messages was with his eyes. I remember my words as a little child, "Papa, do you love me? He closed his eyes VERY hard, which meant YES. I feel as though if he could have spoken at that point, he would have said it with a huge hug. Well, in a few days, he got worse and while we were at home mum received a phone call, and she had to leave. I just knew it was my grandfather. She did not take me with her and I really wanted to go. I stayed as she drove away. I then ran outside and got on my bike and rode it to the hospital. I rode my bike in a circle and I think I was praying.

When my mum got home, she told me of her sister who was a Christian at that time (And is still today). My aunt was sitting on the side of my grandfather's bed. She first saw a white cloud over my grandfather. She spoke of this to the others in the room. My aunt then looked toward the foot side of my grandfather's bed and saw 3 others (men) in our family who had passed already. She says they were talking to my grandfather and soon after this my grandfather died.

I will never forget this for the rest of my life, and the time my grandfather squeezed his eyes to signify he loved me LOTS!

PS. My aunt knows the names of the three men who were there to help my grandfather enter the next realm of life, which is Peaceful. I am sure my brother who has passed will be there for me. And I will for my family.

God Bless all who read this, and remember Jesus Loves YOU!