Beside Me

One day I was on my way home from work on my lunch break and I was at a stop light and a semi truck had pulled up beside me and the trailer unlatched and was tipping my way. I was so terrified that I could do nothing but scream... The trailer was falling and somehow my car moved side ways. The only thing I know is I had to have an angel move my car out of the way because I was frozen with fear!

When I had gotten home and told my parents what had happen they told me the same thing that it had to have been an angel! I have had many visions and experiances before this experiance and many many more after! I am a true believer in angels and god.

My whole family has had some kind of miracle or an experiance with Jesus, God & Angels! It is the most wonderful thing that can happen in life is to have something that God has put forth into your life! I am for one a miracle! I was not suppose to be born. They told my mom she could not have children... she had lost 5 babies befor she had me. But she had me and I was healthy and I have a sister 3 years younger so it can happen!

thank you for letting me share my story!

Jolene from Ohio