Message from God

I live in Australia and I will cut my story short. A couple of years ago my family and I were going through a hard time and I started hearing voices in my mind telling me events that is to happen to me and around the World. I realized that those things the voices were telling me were actually coming out true, I started to tell my family and they would tell me that I am crazy, I started to believe that I was going crazy.

Then one day at work I was so depressed I started to cry and I prayed to God to show me a sign I was not crazy. A few days later a lady came to our shop which is a take away food business and asked my husband if she could see the lady that works here but I was out at the time and she left her number for me to call her. My husband passed me the message and gave me her number and I called her and asked her if she would like to come and see me the next day which was Tuesday and we were closed.

On Tuesday morning after I dropped my children to school I went and waited outside our shop for the lady which I have never seen before it wasn't long when I looked to my side and I saw a lady coming towards me and I felt something about her there was this brightness on her. She came to me and said Hello my name is Lydia, God came to me in my sleep and asked me to come and see you, and tell you that you are not crazy, I thought I was going to drop when she said that to me, and I felt this unexplainable feeling and I prayed to God for his message and thanked him. I have had a lot of things that happened after that day which is to much to write, but I know when you have faith in God he is always there by your side to help you.


Helen S.