On The Cabot Trail

I have been blessed to feel heavenly intervention in my life several times. I believe miracles happen daily, we are just so busy in our daily lives we don't slow down and listen. This is one of the times we did.

One fall day, my husband and I were driving on the beautiful cabot trail. We were alone with no other traffic any where. All of a sudden our car was filled with the most beautiful music.

We couldn't find the source, as I said we were the only ones on the trail. I had an overwhelming feeling we had to stop. We pulled to the shoulder of the road. The music was every where yet it is so hard to describe. It was like all of creation was singing praise to our Lord. I was moved to tears. At the very spot we stopped there was a beautiful waterfall below the road level. It was huge. Slowly the music faded away and after admiring the water fall for a while we resumed our drive. A lot slower than we had been traveling.

We turned a corner just as a huge bull moose ran onto the road from a ditch. We looked at each other in amazement realizing had we not have stopped and continued at the speed we were travelling we would have hit him, and more than likely been killed.

After uttering a prayer of gratitude we waited until the moose lumbered off into the forest on the other side. We decided to back track and see the water fall again, but it was no where to be found. Like the music, it seemed to have faded away. This is one of several confirmations I have had that God is present always and active in our lives.