The Dog Watcher

I don't even know if this story would fall under stories for people but, here goes. It was October 13, 2000. I went into the University Book store, when you come into the book store there are some steps that you must go up to get to the floor, where the books are and the espresso stand. I went up to the stand and I had my dog on my left. She had not seen the aggressive lab yet. However; I had and I pulled her back to protect her, as I did a very nice looking gentleman in a WWII air force uniform appeared out of nowhere, standing next to me all he said, was, "I am here to make sure no harm comes to your dog, to make sure that the other dog does not harm." And then he walked down the book aisle while I got my coffee, but always making sure that my dog was alright and safe. Then he walked sown the steps turned right and disappeared into the wall. I ran outside and inquired if the lady saw him, she said no, "Girl, you have have just been visited by one of Gods helpers!". To make sure no harm came to my dog. I thank god for that visit and when I am feeling down I think about that day when God sent one of his helpers to protect my dog.