Inspired Vision

Many years ago, before going to sleep, I was thinking about Moses and the Exodus and how there were other negative forces at work during the escape from Egypt, but that it was God who opened up the Red Sea to make way of escape.

About 4am, I felt a fearful presence on the right side of me (next to my arm). I then saw a shadowy image of a slim, long pointed fingered hand, point to a clock on the wall opposite of me (in a shooting, index-finger pointed gesture) and at that exact moment, the clock fell off the wall and crashed on the floor.

Needless to say, I called, under my breath, to Jesus, (I thought it would work, I thought that was the only thing I could say to gain God's attention), saying "Oh Lord Jesus, O Lord Jesus...)

Then a moment later, I saw off in a distance (with my eyes closed), a lowly lit circle of light (a perfect circle of dim light), I felt that the circle of light was an intelligence presence, and there was like a "stand-off" between the light and the long hand/fear spiritual presence near me on the right side of me, and then they both disappeared. God had set an angel/sign of an angel for me. But enough of this, which happened years ago, before I progressed much as a Christian.

These days, I feel so much of God's love and the Holy Spirit infused into my core being. Also baptisms of the Spirit, as well. Finally, the scintillating miracles from God which I've encountered in the more recent years are what's worth talking about. Because they are so amazing and yet so EASY. From Divine Creator God!

Visions that I've had; two different types, were also so simple/nonintrusive. Really subtle, delicate, vision (I had once) and during a dream, I have a scintillating, Holy Spirit inspired vision. They were two very different types. But qualitatively, I knew that it was from God.

The subtle, soft visions which I once had, I know of others who also had such visions. (a prayer group helping the starving in N. Korea) (The reason that I'm talking about soft, delicate visions is that BAD VISIONS can also come supernaturally, and they often, very often, are from Satan, demonic sources!) To finish the story, I was inquiring/asking GOD about some matter, and a little while later, while I was just in my room, daytime, awake, my eyes just softly and spontaneously closed, and I saw distinctly a key on a piano keyboard, and it had a word written on it (freedom). I knew instantly what that meant: "the key is freedom"! Then my eyes opened. It all happened very quickly, and softly/gently. And the vision was dim, soft, but unambiguous.

The other scintillating Holy Spirit vision which I had once in my dream is too difficult to describe. God bless

it's all true.

In His Name,

Helena Shin