A Slap on the Face Saved My Life

I started running a fever with no other symptoms. I had no pain because a previous surgery had interrupted the nerves to my abdomen and I had no feeling to 1/4 of my abdomen. When my fever got up to 105 degrees I got a friend to take me to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with appendicitis and was taken into surgery. It turned out that my colon had ruptured and 1/2 of it was removed and I was septic.

A few days later in the hospital, one of the nurses aides came into my room to take my vital signs. I had a feeling that I was fading away, that I was dying, this was something that I could just sense and feel. This nurses aid came to my bedside and took one look at me and started talking to me and she took me in her arms and started to gently and softly slap my face while she talked to me about living still. This revived me greatly and that night I started getting out of bed and walking all over the hospital.

Two days later I was still walking all around the hospital, to the amazement of the doctors and nurses, and I ran into this nurses aid again. I talked to her about how she had saved my life that night with the gentle slaps on my face. She had no idea of what I was talking about! I am a nurse myself and know that we remember these kinds of things. Why didn't she?

Since I was in the hospital for 10 days I got to know her and all the other nurses on the staff. This nurses aid was sort of a brash and hard kind of gal, yet that night she was as soft and sweet as a person could be. And her gentle slaps revived my life. I always will wonder if an angel took her form and saved my life, because someone did.

After that , I painted a pretty painting and gave it to that nurses aid. She was so surprised that I did this and still didn't remember what she had done for me. I love God's angels.