The Boulder

We were up in the high mountains picking wild huckleberries. We took a lunch break and my son decided to scamper up a hill that was barren of vegetation. I was watching him scale this hill when my daughter, only 4 years old decided to scamper up this hill after him. As my son went up the hill, he dislodged a boulder about 2 1/2 feet across which proceeded to roll down the hill very quickly, right toward my daughter.

There was nothing anyone could do, it happened so fast. I said, "Oh Jesus, please help". The boulder hit the top of my daughters head and then moved exactly sideways, which was physical impossible. I ran and grabbed her, but, she was alright! How could this be? The boulder hit her right on the top of her head! She had a very tiny bump on the top of her head, and it was slightly red. I was so distraught that I took her to the emergency room anyway, but she was just fine and required no treatment at all.

I am convinced that angels moved that boulder just as it touched her head and threw it sideways, otherwise her skull would have been crushed. That boulder couldn't have moved in that direction by itself. Angels are here around us, helping us; I know it, and I am grateful to God for these helpers.