Angel with a Halo

Have you ever watched the clouds
as they pass by
figures of interesting shapes and forms
one shaped as an infant lying on
pillows of clouds so blue

An Angel with a halo seem to float
by smiling with love as she waved through
the clouds

Body shaped as Jesus Christ watching over
his children with a radiant smile
long white hair with outstretched arms
as if to let us know he is still here
standing straight and tall with features of love
showing for all

I stared at the figure that seem to be looking
at me as if to say"I am watching over you, my child
everything will be okay later as you will see"

Chills ran through my body as not a word was
spoken my soul seem to find peace as my brilliant figure
disappeared as easily as it came
my anxiety and troubles he seem to have tamed

Called to my friends with calmness in my voice
Said"what do you see amongst the clouds so far but
yet so near" one said"just clouds passing through nothing special
I think a storm is brewing over here"
my other friend intensely stared as darker clouds
appeared overhead said"clouds with figures give me the creeps" as fear
showed on her face "I could have sworn I saw an Angel with a smile on
her face with wings of white floating pass
our way" Halo so pure and white with a smile as if to
bring calm to a sou without bringing fear