Angels Forever

I speak to my Angels every day and I thank them for everything they do for me. A colleague of mine has lost her husband recently and I did not have any contact in that period as she preferred it that way. I have however asked the Angels to go to that family and to help them cope with their grieve.

A few days ago I saw my colleague and I tried to explain to her why I did not contact her. I was very surprised when she said to me that it's OK because she could feel the love that I was sending to her. Then I knew that she was surrounded by the Angels and that she could feel their love. There is nothing too small or too big to ask of your Angels. They are there to protect us and I sometimes get the feeling that they love helping you and want you to ask them for help.

For those out there that do not believe, start with something small, like asking for a parking space, or that you will be in time for appointments, etc. As times goes on, you will start talking to you Angels all the time and get to feel the presence.

Thank You