Savas Says

I have a two angel stories I would love to share!! My grandfather who is now 60 told me a story about when he was about 30 and working on a construction site in Boston. At the time they were working on a building and there were elevator shafts on the outside of the building to take the workers up and down.

Well my grandfather was up on the 15th floor alone working when he decided to stick his head out of a window to wave to his friends working below. So they were waving up at him when they saw an elevator coming down directly above my grandfather's head so they started waving frantically and saying Danny, Danny look out!! But my grandfather was just confused and couldn't hear them so he kept his head out

Then at the very last minute my grandfather heard a very loud sharp clear voice behind him say DANNY!! !! And he quickly turned around to see who it was but there was no one there! So he turned back to the window just in time to see the elevator slide down over the window! He said he then ran around the entire floor screaming who was that but never found anyone! We believe it was his Guardian angel.

My other story is from my friend Savas, he's Greek, and has had cancer since he was 15, he's 20 now but he told me one time while he was in a coma he died for 2 minutes and while he was dead he said he saw an angel all of sudden at the foot of his hospital bed, since he was in the coma he didn't know that he had just died, anyway he said he knew this was an angel because the man's skin and eyes were soooo shiny like nothing he had ever seen and the man just started talking to him in Greek. & Savas asked the man am I dead? The man said no but if you don't change your life you won't make it.

Savas said he talked to the man for what seemed like hours and then suddenly Savas lifted off the bed and floated to the man and then the man kissed him on his forehead and then Savas just woke up!!!