Visits From a Loved One

My name is John and I am a spiritual healer and Medium from Ireland working with Reiki, Seichem, Angels (especially Archangel Michael), spirit guides and sometimes loved ones in spirit. Our beloved in spirit pour their love through me to bring comfort guidance and peace of mind to those who come to see me. I would describe the love of the spirit as indescribable in it's beauty and intensity.

I have travelled a fourteen year journey to realize and fully know and accept that the world of spirit exists on many dimensions. I have conducted about seven hundred healings over the last two years and am often shown details such as the the nature of trauma,time of trauma, the effects of trauma and the remedies necessary as well as messages from loved ones and other guidance in relation to issues such as life direction, relationships and so on.

Just to give a few examples to you for your lovely website

I was working with a lovely older lady of about seventy five years of age some time ago. I felt the presence of a very loving spirit whom I understood to be the woman's mother. I asked the lady in spirit to give me a sign that her daughter would recognize her by and she showed me a little girl picking flowers in beautiful summer meadow, there was a house in the distance and a lady emerged from the house and beckoned the child to come with her into the house. When I asked the old lady whom I was healing if she had ever picked flowers in the meadow and what this meant to her, she started to cry and said that the day her mother died she had gone to the meadow and picked beautiful flowers which she had then taken into the house where her mother lay in repose. She had then placed the little flowers around the house in memory of her mother. She had never really healed her grief for her mother and that was what we were doing in the healing, with her mother's assistance.

Another example of a visit from a loved one occured when I was healing a young woman who had recently lost her father. I felt the very warm presence of a jovial man who told me that he was the young woman's dad. When I asked for a sign that she would recognize, he showed me three things as follows, a maroon coloured armchair,a cigarette smoked right down to the bottom and a cookie with butter on it. I asked the young lady if these things meant anything to her Dad and she looked at me in disbelief and said tearfully that these three things had been his great pleasures in life. She knew then that her dad was present and that he was very well in spirit.

During a recent healing for another woman, I felt the beautiful warm presence of a man in spirit who told me that he had passed on nine years ago. When I asked him for a sign that his loved one would recognize him by, I received the name Jxxx and was shown a black horse looking at my client with lovely brown eyes. When I asked the lady if somebody had passed on nine years ago, she confirmed that her uncle Jxxx had passed on nine years ago. When I asked her about the black horse, she confirmed that he had broken in a black horse, who used to look at her intently from it's soft brown eyes

I do not fully comprehend the world of spirit or the role of the angels, but as a sensitive, I can tell your readers with certainty that the world of spirit exists and that I have personally felt the presence of and received accurate and quantifiable messages from many spirits. I can tell your readers with certainty that a loving spirt exudes an energy that is incredibly warm and overwhelmingly peaceful and that the energy of an angel or evolved spirit is indescribably beautiful. To those who are seeking meaning and values in an increasingly frightening and confused world and who might feel that to be loving, compassionate, kind and selfless is to be weak, I say that it is these every values that are communicated from and represented by spirit. Evolved spirit as I feel it, comprehend it and work with it is infinitely loving and compassionate. I belive that If we can somehow learn these values and express them in the physical world, we will then rest for aeons in the ectacsy of the spirit. In short I believe all that really matters is love and that the journey of every soul is to find that love and when the time comes, to rest in that love, as spirit.

Best wishes