37th Psalm

At one time in my life I was curious about persons involved with organized crime. Well one day they approached me to either join or die. I refused the offer and walked out. My decision was based on the clarity of thought in realizing I would be giving up my soul if I joined. I was followed and felt certain I was going to die. I was very afraid. I walked a few miles and came to a grocery store where I called my brother to pick me up. I sat on a bench and waited for my death to occur. As I was sitting there a man I had never met, he sat down and without saying another word started reciting the 37th Psalm. It totally took my fear away. I tracked the man down about a month later to thank him. He said he didn't remember talking to me at all. I know he was an angel and was sent by God to let me know not to fear, If you are ever in fear, read Psalms 37. God bless.