Spirits That Wouldn't Leave

Part one

My wife and I were married in 1959 and living with my parents while we were looking for a place to live. We went to look at an upstairs flat on Topher off Van Dyke in Warren, MI

After looking at the place she didn't want to live there. We had been looking two weeks. We were tired. Against my wife's better judgment we rented the flat. Strange things began to happen on the day we moved in. There was a strong presence throughout the place. There were times we were afraid to walk from one room to another.

I remember standing in the bedroom doorway talking to my wife as she stood in the hallway. The bathroom door knob turned and the door opened behind her. I was staring up at the door expecting to see someone walk through, but there was no one there. My wife turned around to look and screamed with fear as we felt the presence.

It was a very large bathroom. My wife discovered a small door designed to hide things. It had no latch and it blended in with the wallpaper. It was very hard to see. When she opened it she found books on witchcraft, evil spirits, white and black magic, the works of Satan etc. We threw them all in the garbage.

I was alone in the flat one day and I followed the spirit images with my eyes as they moved through the rooms. When I would set the clock to go to Church on Sunday it would be moved an hour ahead in the morning making me late. I remember having a dream so fierce and evil that even till this days I am troubled for about it. Many times I would stay up all night reading the Bible for comfort.

One early afternoon I had a flat tire in the driveway. I went down to the corner gas station to have it fixed. I had gotten friendly with Frank the attendant in the two months living in the neighborhood. He ask me, Joe, where do you live? I answered, on Topher at the dead end street, Frank. He said, You mean in the grey house in the up stairs flat? I said, Yes He said, Do you know that a man killed his wife upstairs in that flat where you live about 2 12 months ago? He tried to stuff a car title down her throat and then strangled her. She lay dead there for two days. I immediately checked it out with the local newspaper morgue file and it was true. I didn't tell my wife, because she was already beside her self.

I came up the steps that same afternoon the door was jammed, without a warning like a man possessed suddenly I kicked the glass and received 153 stitches in my right leg. We left the hospital and never went back to the flat, not even to get our clothes.

We move to Frazho Rd, off Fern in Rosellville, MI. One night as I was in a twilight sleep. I saw through two walls a creature walk up the walkway onto the porch, open the front door, walk through the kitchen and living room. It then turned and walked into my bedroom. It lifted the covers off of me and with both hands started down to possess me! It was with a scream of terror and a cry to the Lord for mercy that drove it back and it vanished. Many nights I sleep with the lights on. These things that moved about were not physical, but spiritual.

Next we moved into a basement apartment on Carlyle off Evergreen in Dearborn, MI. It was here we heard voices. People talking to each other and no one there. At other times we could see groups of people standing or sitting together. We could feel them and hear their footsteps as the walked by us. One morning as I walked out the side door I saw two persons sitting in my car. When I got to the car which was only 40 feet away, they were gone. It was that morning I had an accident on the way to work.

It was then we moved back to Warren, MI. on Helle and 8 mile road. It was for an entire year I would dream, and the dreams would come to pass the next day. Most all the dreams were of a troubling nature.

We then moved into another up stairs flat on Detroit's east side In a high crime area on Jefferson Ave., off Shane Street. I came home from work early and was sitting on the couch playing a guitar. I heard the downstairs door open. It was my wife coming home from work. She walked up the stairs, into the hallway and kicked an empty soda bottle. It rolled through the living room on the hardwood floor right in front of me. She walked down the hall and through the living room where I was and then into the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen to ask her if she wanted to go out and eat. She was not in there.

There was only one entrance into that flat. It was the way she walked in. I called the store where she worked to find out what time she left and she answered the phone. My wife said to me that night, Joe, I will not sleep in the front bedroom tonight! I ask her, why? She just said, I'm scared. So, we slept in the other bedroom down the hall. The next morning I left for work. I went down the stairs and out the door. I saw a young boy of about 15 years of age standing and he was looking up to the front bedroom window. I ask him, Why are you staring up at the second floor front bedroom window? He looked at me so sad almost in tears and said, My little sister died in that room of an incurable disease last month. As I walked away, he just kept staring up at the bedroom as if he was in a trance. The place was eerie.

Part two In 1982, I walked into a radio station in Knoxville, TN. I purchased bulk time and went on the air the following Saturday night. The name of the program was called Singspiration. It was a family variety program divided into four segments: Music, Prayer, Bible Study and the Preaching of the Word. We received more than ninety phone calls the very first night we went on the air. In three months we were the number one Gospel program in Knoxville.

In the weeks to follow we were receiving many calls from a lady to the Garden of Prayer, who ask us to visit her home. She said, strange things are happening in my home. I have a lot of fear and need help. Sandy the person hosting that segment of the program ask me to go with her. I said, No I would not and that she should not either. She took heed for about two weeks, but the lady's persistent calling caught Sandy attention, and once again I was ask to go. I went with her only as support. I did not get directly involved, so I said at the time.

The lady lived in a high crime area on McCalla Avenue in Knoxville. I knew the moment we pulled up in front there was trouble in that house. It was the middle of August, yet we could feel a cold chill. When we entered the house there were many cold spots. Sandy, the lady, her sister and their brother were sitting and talking in the front room about their trying situation.

As I sat in the corner of the room, I looked up and I saw blood begin to flow from the top corner, running down the walls. Not real blood. It was in the spirit realm. It was from this point forward the Holy Spirit took charge: I asked the lady if anyone lived upstairs. She answered, Yes, we rent rooms. I said, We need to go upstairs. We all walked up the stairway. I could see satanic symbols on the wall all the way up. (I later learned these symbols were really there. The house had been remodeled and they were all covered up). She said, I rent eight rooms out, but they were all empty at that particular time.

We went into the first room where she had rented to a man from Jamaica. He had lived there for about six months and had moved out. The room had no door. I stepped inside the room and to my right was a demon sitting in a rocking chair. It was black, short and had sneaky eyes filled with fear, as I have never seen fear before. Sandy stepped in behind me. I ask her if she could see anything. She answered, I see a lot of shadows. All of a sudden, immediately there came a fiery light all over the outside of my body. It was as a hand was guiding me. Then as I turned and moved toward the evil spirit, yet more fear filled the creatures eyes. The demon shot through the floor to the downstairs bedroom in the bed. I could see through the floor and the indent of his person on the bed.

We went down stairs into the bedroom and there was a huge Zodiac plaque on the wall at the foot of the bed. Upon further inquiries we found many occult objects. Among the articles was a satanic priest (We destroyed all the occult books, objects, symbols and the satanic priest). We had prayer in all the rooms. All the cold spots in the house left.

We came home to rest before going to the radio station. As I was ready to doze off to sleep I heard a sound, loud and clear of a person falling and hitting his head on the cement and moaning. I called the lady and asked her if she was OK. She said, I kept hearing a sound like a person falling and hitting their head on the cement and moaning. We went back over to see the lady. When we got within four blocks of her house the carburetor caught on fire. We did a putt, putt and glided our way to the front of her house. The car stalled and the motor died. The fire really flared up so we poured a five gallon bucket of water on the carburetor. As I walked up the walkway to the door I looked up to the attic window and saw the creature just staring at me in fear. We went to the second floor of the same room where I first saw the demon and pulled down a drop ladder to the attic. Sandy went up the ladder first then I followed. She was in the attic and I was standing on the middle of the ladder with my head above the attic floor. The creature was very visible to me. As Sandy begin to pray the Holy Spirit filled the place and the demon fled out the window way off into the sky.

Amazing enough, the car started and we drove to the radio station. I took the Zodiac plaque with me and broke it in the radio station parking lot and everyone ran in fear. I entered the station and there were five ministers, two prayer worshipers, the station manager Ron, Sandy and myself. I went to the back (third) studio to start the program. I was looking through the glass through the prayer room, (the middle, second) studio and into the main control studio (first or front) where Ron was on the air. I was also in a position to see the other rooms where the ministers were answering the phones. I waited for the station manager to shift the power back to me. He did this because, I had a four hour program and did all the direction of the program myself. Ron gave me the power. I began the Bible study segment with the subject, The Power of the Blood of Gods Lamb, Jesus Christ. As I began to magnify the Precious Blood of Jesus, darkness began to fill the studio. The overhead bright lights began to dim throughout the station.

I began to cough a lot. The phone rang as usual and one of the ministers answered it. He immediately threw the phone down and screamed, I am going home to get prayed up. He ran out of the station. What a strange thing to say, I thought. The other four minister left the building within the same minute. I then saw Sandy through the glass in the next studio in front of me lift up the receiver and say, Hello. She fell away from the phone with a pale look on her face. As I reached for a tape I realized there were none. There was not one radio music cart either. I reached for a record and to my surprise there were none. I was dumb founded. No stand-by tape, no music cart, not even a record to play a song so I could get off the air so I could answer the phone and see to the problem. Ron always taped the program up in the front studio on the big reel to reel. When I played back the tape from the point when the minister answered the phone this is what we heard: I am the virgin Mary. I will not say what the demon said through that young girl about the Virgin Mary. It was too evil.

When Ron picked up the phone. He had a startled then scared look on his face. He said, hello and the voice on the other end of the phone started cursing, fowl, wicked, fierce language and said, That fool is talking about the Blood of Jesus. The Nazarene didn't have any blood in His body when He hung on that cross. I know 'cause I came up from the underworld.

I ran Joe out of Mt. Clemens, MI. out of Powell and Maryville, TN and I will run that fool out of Knoxville too. Ron said to it, You better talk to Joe, and with a fearful scream it said, Noooooooo. The demon that the Holy Spirit run out of the attic and destroyed its work there had possessed a young girl and she called the radio Bible study. That day I realized how powerful the Blood of Jesus really is and how He protects all those that believe in Him. (Sandy is completely fearless in these situations. She must have the faith of a mustard seed). She stayed in the house for a few days with the family, but no more incidents.