Through a Lot

I am 41 years old and blessed. There have been angels protecting me all my life. It was only recently though that I came to realize that it was angels and the Grace of God.

In 1993 I began to have a lot of problems with my back and neck hurting, I constantly went to the Doctor whom told me over and over that I only had pulled muscles. On Dec.04, 1995 the pain got so severe I could not tolerate it anymore. I left work early that morning and decided to go to another doctor. I sat in the parking lot and waited on him to open. This doctor was an angel in himself, he only looked at me and said you need help. He said that he could see the pain in my eyes. He sent me for an MRI, and then transported me to another hospital where I had immediately surgery on my cervical spine.

The doctors said had I been a week later I would have been paralyzed and that there was still a great possibility that even with surgery I would still be paralyzed. To date I have had three surgeries on my neck, both hands operated on, been to specialist for my throat due to the surgeries,I now have a lot of trouble swallowing, and all my Doctors are amazed at the fact that I'm still walking,talking and not paralyzed at all. I know for a fact that God sent me to that other doctor that morning and that each time I went into that operating room He sent an angel with me.

I can honestly say each time right before surgery I would have a peace come over me, no matter how worried I was before, I would say God just let your will be and I would just feel like everything would be alright, I know we all have angels, and I thank God for mine together we've came through a lot.