"Our Lady of Snows"

My Grandmother had been sick with tubercolosis her whole life. It was so hard for my family to see her in so much pain, one day my mother prayed to the creator to take her pain away, not fully understanding exactly what it was she was praying for, and that the only way the pain would stop for my Grandmother was in her passing on to the spirit world.

..soon her prayers would be answered.

It was a very cold winter day and the windows in our back room had become caked with ice. My Grandfather had to melt the ice on the windows so he loaded the little box stove with wood. Soon the ice began to melt. My Aunts had been visiting and one of them noticed this figure on the window made out of ice. It was the figure of "Our Lady of Snows", a saint my Grandmother had prayed to quite often and even had a little night light on her end table that she would light every night of the exact figure that had formed itself in the ice in our back room.

"Someones prayers are going to be answered" she exclaimed...my mother immedietly began to cry knowing that it was her prayers for my Grandmothers pain to stop. The next few days my Grandmother began preparing her things and settled unfinished business including telling us which clothes she wanted to wear in the casket.

She passed on to the spirit world not much longer after that. We all knew she was gone to meet her creator and that her pain had finally stopped. Just as miraculous as that encounter, my Grandfather passed on quite a few years later and we were to bury him on the "first day of summer". Suddenly, a gentle breeze picked up and it very gently began to snow as we lowered my Grandfather's body into the ground. and it was very hard to feel sad at our loss as we knew my Grandmother and probably our "lady of snows" had come to meet our Grandfather and be with him on his crossing over.

We have shared this story so many times when other people are struggling with the deaths of close loved ones. It always seems to help them and comfort them in knowing that there is life after death..and hopefully it has inspired your faith as well...

Joe Osawabine