A Message

My Angel story revolves in a sense around the light of my life, my heart, my autistic son Alex. I have long known Alex was not autistic, and had for too many years listened to what educators told me to do.

He's a Crystal with such strong Reiki tendencies it's sometimes scary. I was worried about changing the course of Alex's life, and seeking some sort of sign from above that I was doing the right thing. Now the good part: It was a cold, rainy day around 10 am on a school day, no traffic not a kid in sight. I was driving in my car and said these words out loud, "Ok God give me a sign here" this was said in an almost sarcastic manner. I looked up and heading toward me on a bright shiny bike was the most beautiful blond girl of about 8 I have ever seen. The sun appeared to be shining on her and her hair was windblown. She was wearing shorts. On a cold rainy windless day no less. When she got even with my drivers side window she literally locked eyes with me and smiled and waved.

Less than a second later I looked for her in my rear view mirror and she had simply vanished!! About two hours later I was sitting out on my veranda, still cold, still raining and here comes the same shiny red bike this time with a boy of about the same age on it he was glowing, he looked just like the girl I saw earlier, like the sun was shining only on him. This time the Angel manifestation spoke these exact words, "Tell Alex I said hello" he promptly rode his bike around the corner and disappeared as he did so. Wow...I still get chills repeating this.

Jodi M Gardner
Evansville Indiana