On A Paris Street

I am not a very religious person yet in a Paris street after Bastille day around 1998 I was crossing a side road, parallel to the Rue de Rivoli to shop at a supermarche on the opposite side, as I did so I tried to avoid a puddle by side-stepping over it and didn't see a very large, very fast and silent bus bearing down on me from behind and the driver intent on speaking into his mobile phone was ignoring the road in front of him but what I did see, in front of me, was a beautiful and very real, to me, black lady with the most compassionate look who came forward into my path and who then went behind me and as she passed said " Oh Monsieur" I touched her arm, so thin and so real I thought, yet when I looked back where she should have been, right in front of the bus, she wasn't there.and I was on the pavement in front of the supermarche I cannot comprehend what happened or why it happened except to say I am humbled and grateful.