A Lovely Day

My mom told me this story and its always stuck to me, because I've had a difficult upbringing and have had personal struggles that I thought I would never make it thru. There's been times where all I've known to do about always being sad is to just commit suicide (which I've tried unsuccessfully hundreds of times - thank GOD!) ever since I heard this story, I new my purpose WAS to be here and not to commit suicide and die.

My mom said I was born april 2, 1974 and during that time there were tornatos going thru the area around where we lived in Lebanon, Indiana. She said on April 1st, the weather was really bad and it was storming horrible and there were reports of tornatos coming thru Lebanon with high winds and dangerous hail and for people to take shelter. (mom was in the hospital delivering me so I guess she was safe).

Then she said on April 3rd, the tornatos came thru and killed many people from the surrounding areas and damaged many homes and establishments. But, she said on April 2nd, the day of my arrival, the sky was so crisp and clear, the sun was so bright with no wind ..it was the most beautiful of days she'd ever seen. Somehow and someway GOD wanted me to be here. I still don't know why sometimes, but if he made it possible to have angels clear the skies for me to be sent down to my mother, I must be pretty darn important!

Jennifer McGrath