Blue Eyes

The most beautiful sight my eyes did see,
was a pair of blue eyes looking at me.
With lashes that curled up to his brow, and
endless wise questions of why, when and how.
Sometimes those eyes shined laughing with joy,
the most beautiful eyes ever born to a boy.
At times those eyes danced, wide with surprise,
with happiness and sorrow when those blue eyes cried.
Now those eyes I see in my dreams, as
twinkling stars and lashes of moonbeam.
They no longer search for the same basic views,
they shine down on me in a sky made of blue.

Jill Richburg

This poem is dedicated to my eternal angel, my son, Braxton Perry Everett. He was hit by a car and killed at the age of 8. I will love and miss him until we are joined together again.

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