Child in the Rain

I grew up in a small Texas town and one late night, a few days before Christmas I was driving a friends car home from a job interview in a bad storm and got a flat tire...I pulled over at the nearest gas station and called my brother to come save me...I stood at the back of my car upset and crying because I knew I didn't have the money to purchase a new tire and wasn't too sure what I was going to do....

I saw a small girl (about 8 or so) standing on the sidewalk of the gas station and she walked toward me...asked me why I was crying and was very concerned that I seemed "stuck".... I stopped crying and talked to the sweet girl telling her my problem. That I would have to wait in the rain for my brother and that I would have to buy a new tire...she rubbed my arm and talked to me while was raining so hard and to this day I wonder why we stood there. She was a child out in the rain at midnight...and that never seemed odd to me.

I felt safe with her there, strangely comforted...she looked around after about 15 minutes of silence and then told me he would be there soon, rubbed my back. And told me things would get better.... she then pulled a bunch of money out of her pocket and attempted to give me a $20 dollar bill. I told her no that she should save her money and commented on the fact she had so much, and I suggested she save it for herself. She laughed and told me she had everything she needed. And she wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas and help me...and said this is what God would want her to do.... I remember this little girls smile and beautiful blonde hair...she was the sweetest thing as she insisted that she was wanting to please help.... we both turned at the headlights of my brothers truck turning into the lot and before I could turn around she was gone, walking away (I could see her leaving) around the corner of the store...

I immediately ran to my brother and told him about her...he changed my tire and told me to get into the car and head home, as I went to close the trunk there was the $20 bill she had offered me laying on the trunk lid...I went to my brother that night and told him what had happened and he smiled and cried...telling me that I had met my first angel and that God had sent her to me in the form of a child so that I wouldn't run or be scared of her approach...ill never forget that and still get goose bumps when I remember it...funniest thing is now my brother has a beautiful daughter with long blonde hair and an angelic smile...angels are around us...and someday I hope everyone gets the opportunity to see one

Jeannie Gauwain
Medical Records
William W. Backus Hospital
Norwich, CT