Gregorian Songs

I don't know if you'll understand my story very well, because I'm French, but I'll try to explain as I can. I believe in Angels since I discovered a book about them.

Three days after my 17th birthday, I didn't have a good day, and after went back from high school, I burst into tears. My parents had gone out to a restaurant, so I was alone at home. I was thinking about everything that had upset me all day: First the atmosphere was tense, and I had an arguement with my best friend (Guillaume= William in English name)... everything was wrong, and I was crying until I looked in the mirror in my room, I looked awful and I said to the Angels: "What's happening? Where are you? I'm helpless, come and help me please! I don't know if you really exist, even if I believe in you!"

I didn't have any answer at that moment. Then I told myself that I was so selfish, and I said to the Angels, "I'm sorry, I want you to help me, but I'm only a selfish girl. I don't deserve to have answers from you. Go and help people in Africa, help people who are having their last breath... and don't worry about me now." Then I began to weep again, alone.

But suddenly, something strange caught my attention: music, a beautiful music that I had never heard. There were "people" singing, like in church, like Gregorian songs". It couldn't be my neighbors because no one was around. The door and the window of my bedroom were shut. And my radio was off. The music came from the sky. At the beginning I didn't understand what it was, but when I realized that it was angels, I collapsed and I cried my heart out. I was so elated. Before this night I had some doubts about Angels, but now I'm sure that they exist.