Driven By Angels

In 1987 I was 23 years old. I would go out once a week or so and party at bars and drag the main streets looking for girls. I knew who God was and I loved him but had fell from worshiping him. I felt guilty for doing what I did and I didn't want to face Jesus. This kind of behavior had went on for some time now, probably since high school graduation in 1982. Then one day came that I have never, ever forgotten. On this day I would be saved from death. I would be saved, but I didn't know just why. I hope that it was because God has a plan for me to do something very, very important for HIM. It is now 2005 and I still am waiting to serve my God and do something very important for Him. I live everyday for him and hoping to get closer to him everyday that I live. I will now tell you what happened that day in 1987.

I awoke that morning with a terrible headache from a hangover. It was bad. I asked my mother if she had anything for it and she gave me a prescription pill that hit me like a sledgehammer. It put me to sleep real quick and I slept till late, late afternoon. Nobody in my family knew that I had a HUGE night planned and had been looking forward to it for over 6 months. There was a charity event that was happening at the nearby city of Joplin, Missouri. It was a big event and I was part of the scheduled entertainment. I was one of the Elvis impersonators that was going to perform that evening. It would be one of the few times that I would perform in front of such a big crowd. They were expecting over 2000 people to attend. When I awoke the headache was gone, but I was very groggy and I thought that a shower would wake a young man right up. It did a little, but I could still feel the effects of this pill that I was given that morning. I sucked it up and got dressed, loaded my 1972 Ford pick-up with my costume and headed out to the event.

When I got to the convention center it was totally packed and there were at least 2000 people there. I started to get nervous and I thought that a few beers would calm me down so I went and purchased a 6 pack. After drinking about 5 beers I went in and started to get ready. It was great! I performed perfectly and won 1st prize and was never so happy in my life. It was total satisfaction with myself. Man was I proud that night. So when I left the gala in such a good mood I thought I would swing by one of my best friends house in Joplin and let him know of my accomplishment.

When I arrived at Brian's house it was totally packed with people and there was a Keg in the front living room. Alot of guys and girls were there partying and then I found Brian. He was putting on a Birthday party for another of his friends. I started partying and I started to get really drunk. I told Brian that I had to get home and he told me to crash at his house. I wanted to go home because I could start to feel that pill affecting me again and I was getting groggy. I really didn't want to get sloppy drunk in front of these women and embarrass myself, so I sneaked out of his house and left for the 40 mile drive home. This is where my tale begins, and where I know that I have guardian Angels!

After I left his house and drove through the city of Joplin with my head bobbing down and wanting to sleep or pass out, I just knew it was going to be impossible for me to get home, but I had to try. You know, stupid, indestructable youth! The next thing that I remember I was going about 70 MPH and I was in the middle of a ditch heading for a large river and I was totally out of it. I had fallen asleep at the wheel and I was so out of it I couldn't drive. One of my angels had woke me up just in time and not ONE SECOND TO SOON.

I then tried to drive up on the road again and I soon saw that I must have made it. Somehow, the next thing that I know I was on the highway again heading home. I turned on my stereo as loud as I could and rolled down the windows to try anything at all to keep from falling asleep again. I just wasn't thinking rationally. I was thinking like every drunk that gets behind the wheel. That I could drive home just fine. Well I was wrong on that point too! I fell asleep again and my angels took over again. At this point I said a prayer to God to help me get back home. The next memory that I have is in my bed, waking up the next morning and KNOWING that my Angels had driven me home. This is an honest to God true story. I Thank God and my Angels all of the time for saving my life.

Since then, I have 2 wonderful daughters and a lovely, beautiful wife that the father has blessed me with. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Father for everything. Sound advise that I have for others............Don't drink and drive, EVER! And always, always believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, and your Angels.

Jeff Waltz
Commerce, Oklahoma