Jaw Breaker

About seven of eight years ago one of my friends had a son that was saved by an angel. He had gone out somewhere with his wife so he had gotten a babysitter for his three year old son. Somehow the baby had gotten a hold of a large jaw breaker and it became lodged in his throat. The babysitter found him only a few moments later and saw that he could not breathe.

Luckily behind the house there was an alley followed by a medical center. So not knowing what to do the babysitter picked up the baby and started heading out the back and through the alley. After seeing that the baby had turned completely blue she heard a womans voice behind her. She said give me the baby I know what to do. She took the baby and hit him on his back making the jawbreaker fly out of his mouth. The babysitter was so relieved she grabbed the baby and hugged him. She then looks up to thank the person that had helped the baby but she was gone.

The woman in the alley was not anyone from any of the nearby houses for the family had know almost everyone in the area.