My Daughter's Guardian

In August 2000 my daughter and her aunt left to go to Labrador city for the weekend. (Usually when one of my kids go somewhere I get this uneasy feeling, but not this time I felt right at ease. I should have known that something was going to happen.) I waited until I thought they should have been in there and I called, but they didn't arrive there yet. I called twice after that, the third time I called I was talking to my cousin, she told me hold on, there was a vehicle pulling up outside it might be them. As I was waiting for her to come back and tell me if it was them I heard her say, "oh my God there's been an accident, "where is Debbie? "(My daughter) I felt my legs get weak I couldn't stand up I just slumped over on to the floor.

Then I heard my daughters voice, I'm ok every body I just need a shower to get all the glass out of my hair. I was so relieved when I heard her voice that I started to cry.

I went out to get her the next day and when I saw the vehicle that they had been in it was completely demolished its a miracle that anyone survived that accident, but both my daughter and her aunt walked away with only minor cuts and bruises.

It wasn't until later that I asked my daughter what was going through her mind when the vehicle was rolling over. Her exact words were " I saw everyone mom, my whole family flashed before my eyes, but one person stayed with me" I asked her who was with her and she told me "My nanny was with me she laid across my body and told me not to worry that everything would be all right and that I would not be hurt". You see my mother passed away four years before this happened. I believe that my mother is my daughter's guardian angel and she would not be here with me today if it wasn't for her and I thank her and God for this miracle every day.


Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador