We Can Make It

This may seem strange, but I saw my daughter's and my Angel in the Bishop of San Diego, California.

About two years ago, after 15 wonderful years of marriage, my husband filed for divorce. Our marriage was perfect, until he lost his friend in a freak accident on an aircraft carrier(they were both in the Navy). My ex-husband blamed himself for the accident for several reasons, the main thing being that he didn't want to be married to me anymore. We have three wonderful and beautiful daughters, Deana, Danielle and Brandy. I believe in prayer for miracles and you have no idea how much I prayed every single minute of the day and night and was sure God was going to perform a miracle and convince my ex not to leave us.

Towards the end of July 97, we had gone to church for the final time as a family, for the divorce was being finalized that coming week. Also, the Bishop of San Diego was conducting mass on that particular Sunday. When I got up to take holy communion, and put out my hands for the bishop to put the bread in my hands, I looked up at him, and I saw him (I believe it was an angel); wink at me. I felt so happy and relieved when that happened for I felt it was Gods way of telling me that my daughers and I would make it by ourselves.

I has been a long rough road for my daughters and I since that miracle on Sunday, but we have made it, and we are now stronger because of it.