Knock at the Door

My husband of nearly 20 yrs died suddenly, leaving me with three young children to raise alone. I had just gone to work in a new place and had a lot of codes to learn and my concentration wasn't good. I cried out to God one particular day that I needed someone to talk to, I was very out of it that day, and I'll never forget it. Two people knocked on my front 20 minutes after I prayed. They said they wanted to look at something I had for sale however they never asked for any info regarding it instead they said we noticed you are a believer and I said yes but having a terrible time keeping the faith. They stood at my door and listened as I poured out my pain. The man took my hand and prayed a simple prayer...I was lifted by that. The woman hugged me and said it would be OK. Don't know if they were angels but everyone I share this with feels that they were. It sure was an answer to a heart cry of pain.

I believe in angels and encounters we can't explain.

Linda Purdy