Uncle Joe's Heavenly Experience

My uncle Joe Kenneth Matthews, who suffered all his life with polio, was in the hospital... As he awoke he found himself floating up thru the floors of the hospital.

He observed his body in the bed three floors down. He was disassociated from his body, at peace, and thought this to be quite remarkable. Then he found himself floating down a tunnel of white light through fluffy moist clouds. Being a religious man he didn't wait long at the gates of heaven but he felt as if this was an unbearable amount of time to wait to get in.... as if it took agonizingly long years... Then he started walking up a shallow valley up to a cabin on the hillside.

He recognized all the dogs and horses he had known as a kid, and they knew him too. The animals were the first to greet him at the yard of the cabin. He then noticed the people sitting and standing on the porch were all the relatives who had passed from this earth before his passing. Each took turns calling out his name and gave him time to recognize them, but not one of the people would look at his face or eyes.

Then my grandmother and his mother told him that she could not look on his face, as it was not the time for him to live in heaven.... and with these words he felt himself being hurled backwards, as if being pulled by a harness and rope back into his body laying in the bed in the hospital.

He was at peace with his mortality and life on earth after this incident.

Thank god and his angles Uncle Joe shared it with the family..... After learning of his experience in heaven, this act of professing his faith and experience has brought many of us peace and serenity.

Kenneth Matthews
Dawson Texas