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Food For Thought

  Edgar Cayce

  True Nature of Faith
    One of many papers
    channeled in 1978

  Letter/Birmingham Jail
    Injustice anywhere is a
    threat to justice everywhere.

  Providence of God
    Chaplain's story from a
    shelter for homeless
    Military Veterans

Let's Talk About Angels
    Cosmic dust scatters light.
    Angles of Light are messengers.

The Gossipers
    Gossip causes a great
    deal of damage in
    people's lives

  A Voice From the Other Side
    Consulting emissaries
    from the spirit-world

Let's Storm Heaven
    Special Request From
    a Chaplain With U.S.
    ARMY servingin Iraq

    "Beyond common thought
    or experience; mystical
    or supernatural."

Keeping Love Alive