Black Truck

In 1995 I had someone living with me, who was violent. I didn't know how to get him out of my house. I was so afraid of him.. that I prayed all the time for safety and also to get him out of my house. One day after many confrontations, he came after me with a knife. I ran outside to try to get to my car. He caught me before I could get into the car. I was backed up agains the car, and he was over me with a knife. He was straining to stab me..but something unseen was holding him back from cutting me. He was trying so hard to stab me. I could see it in his face. He grimmaced showing his teeth, and growling trying to kill me. But something or someone was holding him back. Then a black truck came rushing into the driveway, blowing it's horn. It got his attentiion away from me. He left me to see what was going on with the intruder...the truck. That was my get into the car and drive away. The man tried to jump back onto my car...but rolled off as I sped out the drive way. God cleared the high's a busy highway..and no cars were in my way. I left him and the black truck in the yard..and did not stop until I got to the sheriff's office to press charges. I know that God had a hand in this situation. I believe an unseen angel stopped him from hurting me. I also believe that an angel took the form of a human being in that truck to distract him from me. I also believe that God cleared the highway just for me. That is my Angel story.

Sally Collins