All Is At Hand

I was at home in Tomanbil terrace Ashmore Queensland Australia. I was was around 18 years old at the time, it was around 1978.

I was in the front lounge room with my mother. It was around 9 pm & only my mum & I were at home.
My mother was telling me some of her problems. At the time we were sitting on separate chairs about 3 meters apart. As my mother was talking to me, suddenly the room changed in appearance & I was sitting in a different room. I was sitting on a white chair & was wearing a white gown. The whole room was about 10 meters by 10 meters square and was all pure white (floor, walls & celling). There were about 8 other people in the room (some I knew & some I didn't) on the same white chairs and in the same white gowns. I knew that we had all knowledge of everything & could communicate telepathicly. I had the feeling of the Holy Spirit drenching my body. There was a open doorway in a corner of the room & outside I could see Jesus standing on a stage preaching to millions of people. I knew I was in heaven and all of us in the room were ready for service to God & would occasionally travel on errands directed by God.
During this visit (which took about 1 minute) I said to my mother 'Do not be afraid, all is at hand' (I will remember these words forever). After this, the visit faded and I was back in our lounge room at home, still filled with the Holy Spirit. My mother saw that I was obviously in another world for a little while. The Holy Spirit feeling was heavily upon me from then on, while I went to bed, into the next day & late into the next afternoon.

We have nothing to fear.

Ian Raven