Conscientious Objector

I was called to fight in a war, Dessert Storm. Well I went to tell the united states that I was against the war and all wars based upon my religious beliefs. The army sent me to a hotel room because I wouldn't stay on base. My mom and dad went with me and we all stayed at the hotel. I Couldn't eat nor could I sleep. I had just finished reading the Book of Mathews in the Holy Bible that I brought with me. That night after reading I went to sleep. I was awakened later that night by the presence of a energy force I could not see because I could not open my eyes. I felt my body began to rise above the bed in the air. I was afraid I said no put me down ...put me down ...I dont want to go. I said "they can see you lifting me up here". (Speaking of my parents) The sound of a voice I cannot describe accept it sounded like a ocean speaking words to me. The words were "these are your children". Immediately I opened my eyes. I still do not understand it.