Never Doubt

A few weeks ago a pelmet above a door fell on my head and I was confined to my room to bed. My mind was not what it should have been

On the 4 day I woke up refreshed and sat up and into my mind popped the thought that today I must start writing my book. The one I did not know what to write about but I must still do it. It was compelling and in my thoughts for days! I sat up and went into a tranquil state (meditation?) and immediately a voice said to get a pen and paper and start to write. I asked who was there and the answer was Gabriel. I then started writing for 2 hours and the whole book was started and then given to me in dreams chapter and verse!

This week I bought Tarot cards and did a reading on myself and what came up? Archangel Gabriel's card. The one for creative writing. It was amazing as it was an affirmation that this is my path. After giving myself readings everyday I get the same cards all the time and creative writing is always one of them! Amazing stuff!!

She comes to me often now and I have great fun channeling my book! It has taught me a lot. It might never see the light of day but I know it is there and I know that Archangel and all the rest are there too. I'll never doubt anymore.