I was going through a time in my life where I was having to make some drastic changes. I decided it was time to leave my secretarial job of 2 years and to go on and do a course in Psychology. I also decided that it was time to end my 2 1/2 year relationship with a horrible man I had never loved. Once both missions were complete I headed down to Cornwall, a place of peace for me, at a friends near Tintagel who owned a house on the headland who was a fantasy artist. I had read in one of my spiritualist magazines that if you say the words "if an angel is watching over me now, show me a feather tomorrow" I had done this at home in London before but to no avail. However, that night as I was lying in bed, I decided to say these words.

The next evening, I took a walk up to the main headland and instead of taking my usual path by the cliffs, I went a slightly different route, then I had a strong inclination to look over to my right, what I saw was a large white feather leaning against a small bush. Maybe it was coincidence, but no matter, I felt stronger after that and very much loved. Once I arrived home from my trip, my life changed for the better and all is still well 3 years on.

I have had many times where an Angel has helped me, I had Leukemia as a child and a difficult upbringing so I have no doubt that Angels exist and that there is a reason my parent decided my middle name shoudl be Angel. Perhaps it is all just coincidence, but we all know what we know and believing in something just makes it all worth while. Thank you for reading my story.

Holly Angel H.