Little Purple Butterfly

Well not sure how many new updates you get here...and not sure if I am crazy or not.

But anyways, I lost my daughter 4 weeks ago. She was full term baby but had many heart defects and she ended her life to soon. I miss her dearly. I got to spend a few hours with her and those few hours I had were not enough. The day we buried our daughter I saw 2 tiny purple butterfly's flying in the trees. All of a sudden while the pastor was speaking one little butterfly flew over her grave. I saw that as a sign she was telling me she was ok.

Well it's been a few weeks now, and I've had a very hard night tonight. I've been crying off and on all night. After supper I went up to her grave; I couldn't believe it but a tiny little purple butterfly flew right up on a clover that was sitting across from her grave.

I just broke down and cried. It was the same kind of little purple butterfly that flew by the same day as her memorial service. It sat there on that flower until I got up. I was getting bitten by ants while sitting there so I ended up getting up and then I looked back to see if it was still there but it flew away. I didn't even see it fly away!! I didn't see it anywhere but I think it was my daughter Kimberly trying to tell me she was there with me.

I know she's here but it's still hard she's gone! I love you baby girl! Always in my heart.