So Many Around Me

I have been so blessed and have had so many angel encounters that it would take many pages to list them all, so I will tell just a couple.

A few years ago, I had a foot infection that I had been treating with the doctor for about 3 months to no avail. On Holy Thursday my foot was the worst it had ever been. When I got home from work, I took off my shoes and saw that my foot had bled through my socks. I soaked it and put on clean socks and shoes and left for church for Mass. That night for the first time that I could remember, I asked God for a personal request, "Please heal me!" My foot continued to itch and burn. During the washing of the feet, I watched our priest wash the feet of 12 parishoners. All of a sudden, I realized that my foot was no longer itching or hurting. After Mass, I stayed to pray to Our Mother and God. When I got home, I took my shoes and socks off and I could not believe my eyes! My foot was completely healed! That was just one of my Easter miracles!!

The year of 2003 was probably the most stressful of our life. In March of that year, our oldest daughter told us that she had to have a lumpectomy in her breast, which turned out to benign (Thank you God). A couple of months later, my mother called to say that she had broked her back. The next month my father had heart surgery. Then, our son got into some trouble and had to spend 10 days in jail. We told him that he had to leave our home until he could get his life in order.

Oh gosh, we were only in August at this point. Well, in early Septmember, our oldest daughter showed up at our door on a Saturday night with our two grandchildren. This was very strange, since she was usually not allowed to visit us on her own as her husband was very protective. She burst into tears and said, "I have been slammed around be him for the last time!! I had no idea that this had been going on for apparently several years as she never let on. She and the children moved in with us that night and thankfully, she never went back to her abuser.

The following month, the phone rang very early one night and our youngest daughter was on the phone and said that she had just been evacuated from the latest crime scene in Manassas during the sniper shootings. We live in New York and I felt so helpless being so far away. It suddenly made the sniper shootings personal. The following month, my husband's uncle passed away after a 10 year battle with cancer. I had been his main care giver for most of that time. Then came Christmas and we tried to make it the best that our grandchildren had ever had. I went all out and displayed my entire collection of Santa's and angels. After Christmas, as I was putting them in their boxes╩to be stored in the attic, when there was a voice inside my head that told me to stop!!!

I was just putting a large porcelain angel into her box, when I pulled her back out and said outloud, "No!! There is no season for angels!!" I got all the angels back out and displayed them around the livingroom. On Saturday, February 8th, my husband fell asleep in a chair watching TV and I fell asleep on the couch. At 12:33 AM there was a knock at our front door. A police officer told my husband that our house was on fire and that we had to evacuate immediately.

I thought it was some kind of joke, as there was no smoke, so I tried to make excuses why I didn't have to hurry out. The fire started in the attic and burned a hole in the roof, so the smoke vented its out of the roof. If there is no smoke, guess what, smoke detectors don't go off. God certainly had all of His angels in all the right places that night. The officer had come from the north and looked south and saw the flames in the roof. If he had come from the south, he would not have seen them. We were surrounded by all the angels in the livingroom. I was later told by three different firemen that we had about 20 minutes to live that night. The fire was getting ready to flash and the entire house would have been engulfed. There were many miracles that came out of the destruction and God allowed me to see them for what they were. As I was taking pictures for the insurance company, I opened box after box of my Santa collection just to see a molten hunk of plastic.

I came to a box labeled "Nativity". It was charred and unrecognizable, How I dreaded to open that box, as my Nativity set was elaborate and so special to me. When I did open the box, the garland on the top was melted, then I came to the green lights and they were also melted. The next item was the wooden stable. It was not touched!! None of the porcelain figures were destroyed. Again, I knew that God's angels had been at work.

Two years ago, I had both of my knees replaced at the same time. I had to go to a nursing home for rehab after the surgery so that I could learn how to walk again. My first weekend there, I had something very special happen. At the time I did not know what it was (I just found out this last week). At night, whenever I closed my eyes, I felt my bed being pulled back into a huge vaulted room that had a pink glow. There were many beings in there and all seemed to be working on me. It seemed like I was watching them from afar, but it was me on that table. It went on the entire weekend.

I was not frightened at all and could not understand why. I have been taking reiki classes recently and I now realize that my spirit guides and my angels took me to the healing room that weekend so long ago. After that, I started to make progress and worked very hard so that I could get home. We all have our own angels that are with us from the day we are born until we are returned after death. These angels are only able to help us (as we were all given free will) if we ask them to. I ask my spirit guides and angels to be with me and protect me every day now that I know that they are there for me.

I know that this is long, but I have been so blessed that I had to share just some of my experiences with my angels.

Thank you,