Angels In The Delivery Room

This is only (ONE) of the miracles of me encountering angels, but it's one that holds the most fondest of memories!

On, August 31, 1992, I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my Obgyn. I soon found out that I was in labor with my last child. My doctor checked my baby's breathing. Afterwards she asked me how I had gotten to the clinic? I said that I had driven with my 2 other children. She said that I needed to go to the hospital right away, and that I needed to call someone to pick up my children! I asked her what was wrong, but she wouldn't tell me the truth!

I sensed that me and my baby were in trouble. I was made to sign a release form ..then I was permitted to use a public phone, I told my mother the situation she was there inside of 20 minutes! (I was on the Northside of Chicago and she was in the Western Suburbs!) As my mother stood nearby, I commanded my Guardian Angel named Michael, to come and save me and my baby's lives! I told God that I wasn't accepting any C-Section either! My mother quickly said, "you can't do that!! You have to go through Jesus!" I replied, WHY? When God has already given me charge over my angels?!!! (I hold a very high rank in God's Army!)

Soon thereafter we made it to the hospital. I was in the delivery room only 45 minutes, when my baby was born! They turned off the monitor so I couldn't hear that my baby was... "STILLBORN!" I knew something was wrong when my mother started sobbing this horrible sob! She was crying all over me. I said, "momma, why are you crying? Everything will be alright! I HAD AN UNEXPLAINED - TOTAL PEACE!!!!

Suddenly, as I lay there with my mother crying and pushing my head down so that I couldn't see... a very handsome, bright eyed, doctor with absolutely the whitest teeth I've ever seen and a georgous smile walked into the room. His scrubs were pressed and as he got closer, his smile got bigger! He never said a word! He walked to the right side of my bed (my mother was on my left. I said, "you sure are happy, every body else around here is so grumpy. You stay that way!" After that he put one of his hands on my forehead and his other hand on top of my right hand that I had on my stomach, he closed his eyes in silent prayer...and my baby started screaming!!!! My mother's mouth fell open as looked in the direction of the nurses trying to revive my baby, she dried her tears! Immediately I said, "see momma, I told you that every thing would be alright!" "The Doctor" smiled again, turned and walked away, back out of the same door that he'd come into. A couple of days later, me and a healthy, green-eyed, red-haired, happy baby girl went home together!!!

As I lay in my bedroom looking at my little girl; God said, "didn't you ask me to send Michael? Well, that was him!" I started screaming and I couldn't wait to tell mother I told you so.. I said ma, you said that I couldn't call my angels right?... remember the doctor that laid hands on me? Well, THAT WAS MICHAEL!!!

Today, my baby is a very happy 11 1/2 year old. She recently accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour! She looks like my twin and she's an honor student, who wants to be A SURGEON when she grows up!

(Remember.....Michael wore SCRUBS!)