Changed My Life

I have always believed in Angels and felt I had one watching over me. And my feelings were confirmed on a dark rainy night about 10 years ago.

It was late one night and I was driving across town in the Los Angeles area to pick up a friend in an unfamiliar part of town. I was lost and couldn't see very well because of all of the rain. I was traveling on the freeway and realized that I might have missed my exit. So I decided to take the next exit to look for a place to turn back around. The exit ramp was one that turned in a complete circle to the right. As I was coming off the freeway I was struggling to see in the rain and fumbling to read my directions in my right hand as well.

The roads were pretty deserted due the late hour of the night so I wasn't paying much attention to the road. As I was circling around the exit ramp at about 40 miles an hour I clearly heard a voice over my right shoulder say with urgency, "Look out ahead on your right!". The exit had two lanes, so I immediately moved over to the left lane going around the bend. And just as I rounded the corner I flew past the car that had broken down blocking the entire right lane. Had the voice not spoken to me I would have crashed straight on into that car at a speed of 40 miles an hour without a second to even brake.

I was stunned by what had just happened and had to pull off the road to ponder the experience in wonder. The voice I heard was as clear as if someone had been sitting right behind me and leaned forward to speak directly into my ear. And without being able to really describe the tone of the voice I had the feeling it was male. The experience changed and saved my life.