The Most Beautiful Music I've Ever Heard!

My name is Wendy. I just wanted to share with you an encounter I had. This happened late one evening when I was living in Oregon. My husband was away looking for a house in Washington for us to buy. It was a very difficult time for me. I really had to turn to God that evening and spent most of my night deep in prayer to the Lord. Then it happened......I never saw anything, but it is almost like I could!

The most beautiful music I have ever heard started to envelope me. It was, as if it was, all around me, yet within me at the same time. It was was indescribable! The best way I can explain it was like thousands upon thousands of people with PERFECT voices singing in perfect harmony. Their voices weren't just human like, but rather..... like musical instruments. It seemed living, that is to say, it filled me with such a peace that it truly does surpass understanding.

As it was fading, I strained my ears just to keep hearing it. This happened to me again only one other time, but I am hopeful God will let me hear his angels singing again. My mother, recently gave me a CD called "Song of Angels". He talks about his encounter as he sings. Then you hear him sing about the music the angels sing. In that specific part, as you listen to the singers in the back ground music, it sounds very very close to what I heard!! This CD is the closest thing I have ever found to what I heard. Even still, as beautiful as his music is, it still can't mimic what I heard. (But, pretty darn close!!)

I hope this encourages someone. Heaven must be an amazing place to have such wondrous music radiating all the way down here. And God does have his angels watching over you. But, don't forget also, He said, "He will never leave you, nor forsake you." That means He is always there for you. Just call out to Jesus. He can bring you out of whatever it is you may be going though.

Just remember, no one is perfect! But, He takes us as we are, He is our help to turn our lives around.

PS Maybe, at a later date, I will share some of the other stuff that God has done, not just my family, but also my extended family. My mom is a Minister and so are my in-laws. All I can tell right now, some of this stuff just kind of throws you back and gives you goose bumps. God is definitely real!!

Wendy Halvorsen