Thank That Angel

I had a head on collision with an articulated lorry. I know I should have died. I woke up with a humming noise it was like singing, I felt so comfortable, safe and warm. Outside of the car I was in I could see police, firemen and paramedics. A fireman shouted 'come on get this car cut open, he's alive. As soon as they started to peel back and cut at the metal the singing noise stopped, I started to feel pain and the comfort and warmth that I had felt disappeared.

Both my legs were crushed up against the car engine. My pelvis was broken as were most of my ribs, arms and collar bone. My right lung was punctured and was filling with blood and had to be drained. The pain as they freed me from the wreck was unbelievable and too immense to describe.

A few days later the surgeon who had taken charge of most of the operations on my body said that he could not believe that I was still alive. He said that I must have had a strong determination to live......I know that a guardian angel had saved me. I wish I knew how I could contact and thank that angel?