Uncle's Goodbye

During April of 2002, my Uncle died.

He wasn't a saint in real life although, after being diagnosed with cancer, he tried to be the best that he could possibly be to his loved ones and others.

When I saw him @ 5:14 a.m. that morning,...he was cloaked in white, like a saint.

He had been very sick and on his death bed. I couldn't fall asleep the night before the morning of his death. No one knew when he was to die, the Doctors didn't predict immediately. I didn't know the reason for my uneasiness that night.

I stared at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep. Finally, I did. I woke up that next early morning, being awakened by a muted buzzing noise. One that wasn't scary, but woke me enough to wonder just what in the world it was. I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus. I saw nothing in front of me or to my right. However, when I gazed to my left, at the edge of my side of the bed, stood an extremely frail person's frame, cloaked in white. He was saying good-bye. I looked once, and then twice, then woke my husband. The angel then disappeared. I scared my husband half to death.

I didn't put it all together, until I received a call during work that same morning. I literally fell to my knees and realized that it was him. He reached out to me before he left this world.

God be with you!