Dogs & Cats Do Go To Heaven

When I was 18 yrs of age we lost our precious and beloved dog Spotzie. (Spotzie means sweetheart in German) She was 14 years old. The whole family was devastated! She was truly a member of the family! She was the kind of dog that didn't need a leash. we would walk up to the local store to buy candy and she would wait outside the door for us.

We lived next to a high school and I would be sitting in class (day dreaming, my best subject in school haha) and I would look into the hallway and their goes spotzie cruzing down the hallway! The teachers would just laugh (she thought she owned the school).

But as we all know all good things must come to an end, she was slowing down about 13 yrs of age and when she turned 14 she just went down hill from there she could no longer stand for any length of time and it got to the point that she would just urinate on herself because she could no longer get up. my mother then knew it was time to go to the veterinarians office. (Something we were putting off for our own selfish reasons).

She and a friend of hers carried her in, all the while crying, all the customers in the vet's office knew what she was there for and they also had tears rolling down there faces holding their pets tightly! When the vet asked my mom if she would like to come in and hold her while he helped end Spotzie's suffering, my mom just could not do it, it was just to much for her. As they carried Spotzie to the back room she looked at my mom and let out this howl as if to says it's alright.

For weeks on end I would have these horrendous dreams of seeing Spotzie decomposing, I would wake up with my pillow soaked from crying in my sleep. It got so bad that I would dread going to sleep! Because I knew what I was in for! So one night I prayed to God that he would stop these horrible nightmares. That night I went to sleep hoping that my prayers would be answeredÉ

That night I had another dream but this dream would change my life forever! In so many ways! There was this almost blinding light (yet it didn't hurt my eyes) and my Opa (German for Grandpa) was standing there (he had died a couple of years prior to Spotzie and when he would come to America to visit he would just sit there and brush Spotzie for hours! He loved her soooo much!) And next to him was Spotzie he told me that she was with him and he was looking after her and everything was ok, and not to worry.

I woke up the next morning feeling great and reminiscing about my wonderful dream I have had. This dream was so real that I know it wasn't my subconscious playing tricks on me!

From that day forward I knew there was life after death, there is a GOD, and yes, dogs & cats do go to heaven! Dogs & Cats are a special gift from God why wouldn't they go to heaven to!