Gas Rise

My sister Lynne has had many interesting encounters with angels and the unknown. She is nine years my senior, and I am 35. I have also had some strange encounters. I will explain one my sister's encounters here, and respond if you would like to know more.

My Name is Darlene and my sister's name is Lynne. We, as a family, have had some very hard times. Maybe that's why we sometimes have 'visits.' But my sister Lynne seems to have had more of her share of problems in life. Her husband had drug problems and they divorced because of it. She found herself raising 3 boys alone. One day when she was low on money and had run out of gas, she prayed that God would help her. She was on a long stretch of highway in Florida when her van broke down. Behind the wheel, she lay her head down for a moment in defeat. Then she began to pray. After about ten minutes of prayer, she turned the ignition and the van started. She was amazed to see the gas gauge slowly rise. "This can't be happening" she thought. But it kept rising and suddenly she had about a quarter of gas in her tank. Not much, but enough to get her home. She couldn't believe it.

But on her way home, she actually stopped at a gas station, thinking perhaps her tank was reading wrong. She scrounged the last bits of change out of her purse to make about a dollar's worth of gas to put in. After she put it in though, she felt completely low inside. A voice spoke harshly to her saying "you have such little faith. If I can make gas rise in your tank, can I not get you all the way home?" And my sister agonized over purchasing that little bit of gas for a long time. It bothers her to this day. But she is sure there are angels and a God. And so am I.

Darlene M. Grimm