Glowing Figure

I was recently graduated from college and found myself partying late at night and quite often. I come from a family of drinkers and unfortunately, have spent a great deal of my young life drinking. The partying was particularly strong and regular at this time, and I would quite often make it home way past my curfew.

One night I was due to be home by midnight but had fallen asleep on a friend's couch. I woke with a start at about 2 AM and jumped off the couch to race home. On my way home, I felt several times that I shouldn't be driving and even drifted off the road a bit. I lived about 20 minutes away. When I got to my house in the darkened country roads of New Hampshire, I found no lights on. I pulled in to my usual place and stepped out of my car. Looking down the small hill next to our driveway, I noticed a glowing figure a short distance away. The figure looked made of fire and was slightly larger than a normal human's stance.

I was in shock and just stood there, staring. The figure didn't move. When I regained my composure, I felt scared and ran into the house. I immediately went to the back window to see if the figure was out there, but didn't see anything. Thinking I was going crazy, I was astounded to see my mother was awake. She said she had heard a strange noise outside that woke her. She thought It was me at first, but then I never came in the house. She said she had been awake for about 15 minutes before I came in. Well she didn't see the glowing figure but when I told her about it, she was the only one in my family to believe me. She thought it was an angel making sure I made it home and wanted me to know it was watching me and helping me to get home safely.