Brianna's Angel

I come from a large Irish-Catholic family that started out in Massachusetts but wound up in Florida. My older brother Bobby, who was 9 years older, died when he was 29 of a brain hemorrhage in Florida.

Many years later I moved to Florida with my own children and had thought a lot about Bobby since this is the state where he is buried. Many times when I am driving I feel that he is with me (especially when I'm sad) and then I hear his favorite song on the radio, "We are the Champions" by Queen. I feel as if he's riding right there beside me and many times I've even looked quickly to the passenger seat thinking I might catch a glimpse. I've never seen anything, but I feel strongly that something is there in the seat beside me.

Now mind you, I never said anything about this because my husband is not really a believer in ghosts, so I just sort of keep this to myself. My children have never seen him alive and have not seen many pictures of him either. One day after we had been living back in Florida for few months, my daughter comes running into the house. "Mommy, I was on the trampoline and I saw someone sitting in your Jeep." At first I was annoyed, "what are you talking about, who was sitting in my Jeep?" My daughter Brianna continued, "It was a man with sunglasses on and he was just watching me on the trampoline. I think it was Uncle Bobby."

Well I was a little creeped out but I thought she was looking for attention. You have to know my daughter though; she is not a liar and never tells me long tales. She's always the one to speak the truth. So I started to take her very seriously. "Uncle Bobby? What did he look like?" Well she went on to describe him with dark sunglasses and a mustache. He always wore dark sunglasses down here in FL, but Brianna had never seen pictures of him like that. The funny part was that he was sitting in the passenger side, a way I had felt many times since I had moved down.

My daughter is convinced that she saw her uncle watching her on the trampoline, and I think she's right.

I think he may be her very own guardian angel.