Boat Harbor

Walking around the Coromandel Peninsula many years ago I fell off a cliff and had a quick flash, " so this is how I die THIS time". Instead of landing on rocks I fell in a narrow gutter fill with surging waves... I got to shore and built a fire and dried my sleeping bag. After a meal I went to sleep, and was woken by someone shaking me by the shoulder and saying "wake up you have to get off the beach!!" it was a very loud voice and not one you would argue with. When I sat up in my sleeping bag I could see I was still totally alone on the beach.

The Beach is called Boat Harbor and you have to walk for 6 hrs to get to it. I felt an undercurrent of fear and remembering the warning I quickly packed my pack and left...I think if I had stayed something bad could have happened to me. It was not a dream as I remember being part awake as I had my shoulder shaken, and hearing the voice quite is nice to know I have back up.