Visit People We Love

It was one night long after my best friend Annie passed away. She came into my dream I asked her what is she doing down to earth because I knew she was not alive. The answer was that "they allow us to come once in a while and visit people we love". She told me that she has already visited her mum and she had so little time until she had to go away.

I remember her with that angelic face and so much light around her. When she had to go away she put her hands on her chest and she took the form she was before she died. She was suffering from levchimia, she lost her hair, she grown fat and she disappeared.

At six o'clock I heart the phone ringing it was her mum. She asked me if Annie paid me a visit last night because she told her that after her she was coming to me.She also told me to go to her house and search for the ring we bought from GreenWood (WoodGreen that's how she used to say) and take it in order to remember her. No one new except me and Annie.

Ever since I know that she is near me and take good care of me.

Angelic blessings