I was really sick over the summer with a fever of 101 and having respiratory problems as well. While trying to rest and heal myself I asked that my guardian angel make itself present to me. I was scared for my health but wanted to heal myself holistically and needed to know that I was doing the right thing. I prayed and rested. In the evening I was awoken by a sense that somebody else was in my room. There was. In the right corner floating was a bright green light. I stared at the angel’s wings moving in slow motion while the angel floated in mid air. The angel had no face, but the wings were profoundly noticeable to me as perfectly puffy clouds moving in a manner that is indescribable. The movement was almost like hundred of tiny fingers moving slowly. It was the most beautiful image I have ever seen and time seemed to be slowed down a notch. I felt the angelic presence and felt instantly safe. The angel slowly dissipated in front of me until it was completely gone from my sight, but I still felt the presence. It was amazing and the following day my fever began to subside and I began to get better. I will never forget my angel encounter.